The classes in Years 3 and 4 are Dolphin, Shark and Narwhale.

In Narwhale, Shark and Dolphin classes our topic was, “Why is London such a cool place to live?” We all produced lots of topic homework where we were given different activities to choose from.  Lots of us visited famous landmarks in London and wrote about our day.  Others of us used our artistic skills to draw, paint and produce collages of these different landmarks.
Another of our topics was, “How could we cope without electrics for one day?” and we spent an afternoon without any electricity.  It was very dark and we couldn’t use our interactive whiteboard or any computers.  These days, even our register is usually taken electronically so we had to use paper instead!
In Science, we built circuits with buzzers and switches, tested conductors and insulators and looked at alternative sources of energy.

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