Potley Hill Primary School

Vision & Aims of the School


Our Motto is:

“Dream Big, Aim High & Make a Difference”

We value each individual child and work with parents, the community and beyond to offer diverse experiences and support for pupils and families in a caring and safe environment. We develop children to be confident, life-long learners and compassionate, respectful members of their community and the world.

The 5 areas and the core elements of this are:

Families – We work in partnership with our school community

  • Actively involve families in the life of the school
  • Provide access to a range of support and services
  • Communicate in a variety of ways
  • Take an active role in making a positive difference in our local community

Teaching and Learning – We foster and develop life-long learning

  • Promote positive learning behaviours
  • Effectively use ongoing support and progress checks to enable children to achieve
  • Offer professional growth and development at all levels
  • Share and utilize expertise
  • Continually develop highly skilled and reflective practitioners

Inclusion – We effectively meet the individual needs of all of our pupils and families

  • Ensure that all of our pupils can access all aspects of school life
  • Ensure the early identification and assessment of needs
  • Provide relevant resources to meet needs
  • Offer a variety of support for families

Health and Well-being – We support all children, families and staff to have a healthy mind and body

  • Offer access to a range of professionals
  • Develop children’s and families’ understanding through the school curriculum
  • Develop emotional resilience
  • Provide early and intensive packages of support to meet a variety of needs
  • Provide opportunities to experience outdoor learning

Curriculum – We develop well rounded individuals by providing a range of diverse learning opportunities and experiences

  • Develop core skills and attitudes needed for life now and in the future
  • Enable children to become numerate, literate and communicate effectively
  • Foster and support talents and interests
  • Broaden learning through links with businesses, charities and other educational establishments
  • Provide all children with a range of wider learning opportunities


Our Core Values, which were defined by our children, are:

  • Co-operation
  • Friendship
  • Compassion
  • Happiness
  • Endeavour
  • Tolerance
  • Respect


Pupil Guarantee:

Dear Children,

At Potley Hill we have designed our curriculum and wider opportunities to ensure you get the most out of your time at primary school.
We will provide you and the other children with lots of exciting opportunities that will help you learn and grow; we want you to enjoy learning and for you to do well.
We will do our very best to help you and all the children at Potley Hill to become successful learners and responsible citizens.
This Pupil Guarantee is the minimum you can expect during your time at Potley Hill.
We will also support your family and the community and they can see what we offer them by reading the school Vision Document.

Mrs Clarke
(Head Teacher)

You will get the chance to:

  1. Learn about a range of subjects and areas
  2. Learn an instrument with specialist music teachers
  3. Work with real authors or actors
  4. Take part in themed and ‘Wow’ days
  5. Learn how to keep yourself and others safe
  6. Learn basic life skills including: cooking, swimming, cycling and road safety
  7. Be able to access online learning opportunities
  8. Watch a live theatre performance
  9. Go on two residential visits across KS2
  10. Work with specialist teachers for areas such as dance
  11. Go on a range of visits to different places
  12. Take part in lots of different afterschool clubs
  13. Perform in plays, assemblies and shows
  14. Take part in outdoor learning including mud kitchen and community garden
  15. Represent the school in sport and other competitions
  16. Learn about people who are the same and different from you
  17. Celebrate key traditions and events that represent the makeup of our school community and the wider UK population e.g. Black History Month, Remembrance Sunday, religious festivals, bonfire night
  18. Use up to date technology
  19. To use a range of indoor and outdoor play equipment
  20. Learn how to have a healthy mind and body
  21. Learn how to become an economically active member of society e.g. computer coding, enterprise activities
  22. Learn how to be a socially responsible citizen
  23. Support the local and global community e.g. charity work
  24. Socialise and learn with children from other schools
  25. Get involved in school community events such as school fairs and shows
  26. Receive support to further your outside interests and talents


Presented to the Governing Body: May 2018

Next Review: May 2020



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